Hot Tub Control

Creating Bubbles in Your Home Spa

Aerators are a very important device in every home spa. The aerator is the piece of equipment responsible for controlling the amount of air in the water that is forced out of the jets.

Each aerator is equipped with an air blower that is used to force a specific amount of air out of the hot tub jets. The amount of air is controlled by the user who is capable of dialing in a specific level of air they would like to feel. If you are not comfortable with the air force, simply adjust the level.

Aerators allow users to experience a number of intense sensations throughout the body. These are often compared to the sensations patients feel with therapeutic massages. The amount of air desired might change on a regular basis, so make sure you choose a hot tub equipped with an aerator to ensure the force can be changed at any point in time. Before you purchase a hot tub or home spa, test the aerators in order to ensure they have the capability of producing the amount of force you would like to experience in your hot tub.

As you probably know by now, the aerator is responsible for the bubbling effect associated with most hot tubs. Every hot tub should have an aerator, considering the bubbles are the main feature which sets them apart from normal bath tubs. Although an aerator produces many positive effects, they can cost users up to 30 cents a day, or possibly more depending on the manufacturer and the hot tub itself. This can add up to well over one hundred dollars per year - just for the aerator.

Although aerators are effective in producing the bubbling effect desired by most bathers they also cool the water, making the hot tub heater work harder and longer to keep the water warm. Each hot tub can have a number of aerators; however, the more you incorporate into the design the higher it will cost to run your hot tub. Many hot tub owners feel as though more bubbles are worth the extra money, but for individuals on a budget, they may want to decrease the number of aerators in the design.

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