The Positive and Negative Effects of Bromine Disinfectants

Brominators, much like chlorine and copper, are used to eliminate specific unwanted particles which are often found in spa water. Bromine has recently become one of the more popular methods of spa and hot tub sanitization due to its convenience and efficiency in producing the results spa owners are looking for in sanitization. Brominators are significantly similar to chlorinators; however, introducing bromine into your water works in a slightly different manner.

Bromine is available in a solid tablet form which is considerably slow in dissolving once introduced to the water. Generally, this form of sanitizer is used in hot tub filters which are specifically created for bromine purposes. The bromine is successful in killing microorganisms and bacteria by attacking their cell walls and ultimately destroying their structure. For this reason, bromine has become a popular choice among many spa owners.

The outstanding feature associated with bromine, which makes this type of sanitizer stand out from its competition, is its odorless operation. Other sanitizers, especially chlorine, have been known to produce an odor which many individuals find irritating. In addition, bromine has also been proven to be better for your skin, producing less irritation than chlorine or copper. Although there are many positive aspects of using bromine, like any other product, it has its downfalls as well.

One of the most noticeable downfalls associated with bromine is its high price. Bromine is considerably more expensive than chlorine or copper; however, many hot tub and spa owners are willing to look past the price because of the advantages it provides. In addition to its high price, bromine has also been known to discolor some types of jewelry which may be a setback for some individuals. Another negative feature of bromine (as well as chlorine) is the fact that it is a halogen and a number of halogens are known to be carcinogenic. Although the use of bromine in hot tubs and spas has not been specifically linked to cancer, individuals should be aware of its potential before using it in their system.

Overall, bromine is a very effective disinfectant in many hot tubs and home spas. Many hot tub and spa owners use bromine in their tubs as the primary source of cleaning. Ultimately, it is your choice, but you may want to consider researching all methods before making a final decision.

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