Spa Chemicals

Critical Chemicals for Effective Hot Tub Operation

Enjoying your spa and keeping it running effectively on a regular basis requires a large amount of time and effort. One of the most important factors in maintaining the quality of your spa is keeping it clean and using the appropriate chemicals regularly. There are a number of chemicals which can be used in your hot tub or home spa in order to ensure it continues to operate effectively.

Spa chemicals can be divided into four basic categories: water balancers, clarifiers, sanitizers/shocks and hot tub cleaning chemicals. You should have some form of each chemical on hand at all times. In order to ensure your understanding of these products, we have compiled a brief description of each; in order to ensure you have a good grasp of what is expected of you.

Water Balancers:

Water balancers are very important in order to ensure high water quality. Some examples of water balancers include alkalinity up, calcium hardness up, ph down, spa increase and spa decrease. After water testing, you will be able to identify which type of chemical is needed for your water.


These chemicals are used to clean the water and eliminate bacteria and any other unwanted chemicals which may be present in the water. Some examples of hot tub sanitizers and shocks include bromine sanitizers, Oxy-Brite Shock (a non-chlorine shock) and granular chlorine shock.


Clarifiers are used for hot tub water that is cloudy or foamy. These chemicals are designed to clear the water in order to make it feel and appear healthier for users. An example of a hot tub clarifier is Natural Clear, a natural enzyme clarifier used to restore water back to its original color.

Cleaning Chemicals:

Cleaning chemicals are used to kill bacteria in your water and make it healthier for users. Some examples of cleaning chemicals for your hot tub include Whirl-O-Clean (a chemical used to eliminate scum in the plumbing) and Minute Rinse (a filter cartridge spray cleaner).

There are a number of alternatives for each type of hot tub chemical. The types of chemicals you choose for your hot tub will depend on a combination of your personal preferences and the amount of money you can spend on hot tub chemicals. It is important to use the appropriate chemicals in your hot tub - doing so can add a number of years to the life of your spa.

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