Using Chlorine to Cleanse your Spa

Chlorinators are known to be the most popular type of water disinfectant available on today's market. Chlorinators are used to disinfect and destroy organics and unwanted particles, such as bacteria and algae, which may be present in your spa water. There are many types of chlorinators on the market which are effective in producing clean water.

Salt chlorinators are the most popular type of chlorinator available and have been proven to be very effective in eliminating unwanted particles in your hot tub and spa water. This type of chlorine generator has replaced the old fashioned method of adding chlorine which makes the process easier and more convenient. Salt chlorinators operate by electrolytically converting salt into chlorine.

As the chlorinator passes over titanium electrode plates, the salt is transformed into chlorine which ultimately cleans the water. In order for the process to work, salt needs to be added initially, in order to provide enough substance to generate the chlorine. After you initially add the salt, it needs to be replaced occasionally to make up for the loss of water due to splashing or pump outs. These devices not only generate free chlorine, they also eliminate annoying chloramines which often result in itchy, red eyes and skin irritations. The chlorine is then used to eliminate bacteria and algae which are present in the water.

The salt "cell" is inserted into the plumbing of your spa between the spa filter and water outlet. The unit is then mounted next to the cell in a location which allows for easy reading and monitoring purposes. The user can always control the output of chlorine. Each system should come equipped with a chlorine output indicator which allows you to monitor and adjust the chlorine output when needed.

Whether you choose to use copper, chlorine or bromine in your spa is your decision to make. Each type of disinfectant is very effective in producing positive results; however, each method also has its downfalls. It is important to use some form of disinfectant in order to sanitize your spa water. Choose your method carefully. The type you choose can have a great impact on the overall effectiveness of your spa.

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