Hot Tub Water Treatment

A Healthy Alternative to Halogens

One of the safest and most effective ways to sanitize your hot tub or spa water is through the use of copper. For many years copper has been used as a disinfectant which effectively kills bacteria and algae commonly found in spa water. There are a number of possible methods to choose from when it comes to this type of hot tub sanitizer.

Copper ion technology been proven as an effective eliminator of bacteria and algae. When algae and bacteria come in contact with your system, copper ions are released and absorbed by the pollutants. The copper destroys these microbes by disturbing their cell structure. In turn, the system leaves your water free from bacteria and algae. The amount of copper released in an average copper system has been proven by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to be significantly lower than the accepted maximum amount. In addition, the EPA has also recognized that the introduction of copper to your water is actually healthy since copper is a daily dietary requirement.

There are a number of advantages associated with this type of disinfectant. Not only has copper been proven to effectively destroy bacteria and algae, it also operates without producing any odor at all (an advantage this type has over its counterparts). Copper systems are relatively inexpensive and are commonly available with copper monitors to ensure proper sanitization.

Copper is effective in eliminating itchy eyes and skin irritations often associated with spa water as well. This type of disinfectant eliminates the need for the use of halogens such as chlorine and bromine, which will make maintenance much easier and more convenient. This type of water purifier is available for all sizes of pools and hot tubs.

Although copper is very effective in many aspects of spa water cleaning, there is one downfall associated with this method. Many types of copper systems are not compatible with certain types of stain and scale reducers because of the materials used in these products. Many stain and scale reducers are also known to reduce the beneficial results of the copper ions which will leave your water un-sanitized and potentially unhealthy for bathers.

Overall, copper is a very effective and efficient means of purifying water and eliminating unwanted particles in your spa. If you are looking for a healthy, efficient method of water sanitization, a copper system may be just what you're looking for.

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