Spa Cover Lifters

Easy Access to Your Hot Tub or Home Spa

Cover lifters are designed to provide easier access to your hot tub whenever you want to use or maintain your hot tub. These devices are available for all types of hot tubs and can be attached in a number of ways.

There are many benefits associated with hot tub and spa cover lifters:

  • Easier and faster access to your hot tub or home spa
  • Provides an additional level of privacy for users
  • Easy-to-pull strap decreases chance of back problems associated with heavy lifting
  • Most styles accommodate any type of hot tub or spa

There are a number of different designs and styles to choose from in order to accommodate each owner's specific needs. The type of cover lifter you choose for your spa can have a huge impact on its performance and the convenience of your tub. Most spa cover lifters are designed to ensure that children cannot easily access the lifting mechanisms to prevent them from opening the spa on their own.

There are three main types of spa cover lifters

Top Attachment – Cover lifters which attach to the top of your hot tub or spa are more noticeable than bottom or side lifters. Top attachments; however, are operated with the greatest of ease and are best for individuals prone to back or shoulder pain.

Side Attachment – Spa lifters which attach to the side of your hot tub are also effective in providing assistance with access to the unit. These are designed to attach easily to the side of your hot tub and assist users when opening or closing the tub. These are not as effective as top attachments but are visually more pleasing than their counterpart.

Bottom Attachment – This type of lifter is attached to the bottom of your hot tub or spa and also provides assistance to users. This type is not as noticeable as top or side attachments and is more pleasing to the eye.

If you are thinking of purchasing a spa cover lift for your hot tub, take a look at the different models available in order to establish which type is best suited for your hot tub needs.

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