Heat Pump

Save on Your Heating Costs with a Heater Pump

A number of hot tub and home spa owners are choosing to convert from heaters to heat pumps as an effective means of heating their systems. Heater pumps have been proven to be more effective and more user-friendly than their former counterparts. There are a number of reasons why so many individuals and families are opting to change their methods of heating - the most outstanding factor being the cost.

Choosing to convert from a heater to a heater pump can potentially save you a significant amount of money on your next energy bill. Heater pumps are the most energy efficient method of heating on the market. Depending on the cost of energy, most heater pumps have the capability of saving you up to 80 percent when compared to propane gas, and approximately 60 percent when it comes to natural gas. This form of heating (depending on the type of pump you choose) can also save you over 600 percent compared to the most common type of hot tub heaters - electrical resistance heaters. These pumps are not only effective in heating your hot tub or spa, but also offer a number of monetary benefits as well.

It is important to understand the concept of heater pumps before choosing to purchase one for your hot tub or home spa. Heater pumps work in the same manner as your refrigerator, only backwards. These devices take the temperature from the outdoor air and convert it into heated water using a series of tiny tubes located in the body of the pump. They will continue to do this until they achieve the desired water temperature that you have set. Generally, the next question to ask is how the temperature is adjusted and set using a heat pump

Adjusting the temperature setting on your heat pump is fairly easy. On most models, the heater pump can be set in the same way you would set the thermostat on your central air conditioning system. Once the temperature has been set on the pump, it will continue to heat the water in your hot tub to a point within 1 degree Fahrenheit from what you have set. If you decide you want to change the temperature of the water, simply reset the temperature on the pump and the temperature level will change effectively.

Heater pumps are an effective way to save money when it comes to your hot tub or home spa. The initial cost of these devices are relatively high (prices vary depending on manufacturers and product specifications), although you will save a significant amount of money on each energy bill. Spending the money now will save you money in the future.

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