Home Spa Equipment

Essential Elements for Hot Tub Efficiency

Maintaining the quality of your home spa involves a lot of time, money and work. There are a number of procedures which must be followed in order to ensure the successful performance of your home spa. To properly regulate heating, water flow and filtration, you can purchase support equipment separately or in a package usually labelled "home spa skid packs". Home spa equipment is used to ensure the quality of water in your home spa to make sure your spa is appropriate for human use.

Your support equipment will include the following:

  • A water pump that circulates water through the spa system and powers the hydro jets. A water pump is a crucial component in the performance of your hot tub; without one your home spa jets will lack the performance you expect from your spa which is quite possibly, the most important feature of the spa.
  • A filter that removes debris, algae and other dirt particles from the water in your spa. If the water in your hot tub or home spa is infected with debris, dirt, algae and other forms of bacteria, it can pose risk to your health or the health of anyone using your spa. Removal of these particles is crucial to the successful functioning of your system.
  • An air blower that presses air through tiny holes in the bubbler ring located on the bottom of the spa which gives the water its massaging quality. One of the most important features of a home spa is the massaging effect of the water. Without an air blower, there would be no massaging sensation and in essence, you would have a soaker bathtub.
  • A heater to regulate water temperature. The heater is quite possibly the single most important piece of equipment in your home spa. The heater defines the temperature of the water and regulates it to make sure it stays warm for the users. Without a heater, the hot tub would be much like an extremely small swimming pool.

In addition, your home spa will also require assorted pieces of plumbing and hardware for the initial installation. All of the components listed above play key roles in the success of your home spa. Neglecting to use any one of the pieces of equipment listed above will decrease your home spa's performance. In order to ensure the quality of your hot tub, use all of these components and make sure they remain in good condition. This will ensure your home spa remains effective for many years to come.

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