Hot Tub Water Care

Ensuring the Quality of Your Hot Tub Water

Home spa testing kits are a critical element in the successful performance of your home spa. Testing kits can provide an excellent opportunity to check chlorine, bromine, or pH levels in your spa. If you neglect to test your home spa on a regular basis, the performance level of your spa will decrease considerably and your spa may become permanently damaged. Below you will find a list of kits to consider for your home spa. Each kit focuses on a specific element which will enhance the performance of your spa.

Hard Water Testing Kits measure the amount of calcium and magnesium in your hot tub or spa. Usually about three-quarters of the total hardness of your spa or hot tub is calcium. Too much calcium in the water is undesirable. The results of this type of testing kit will identify things which need to be changed or added in order for your home spa to perform to its maximum potential.

Bromine is an effective alternative to chlorine, which can be hard on skin, trigger allergies and potentially bleach swimwear. Bromine tablets offer long-lasting sanitized protection for your home spa or hot tub. Using bromine tablets in your home spa will increase its performance and will keep your hot tub in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

Thermometers keep a careful watch on the water temperature so that the heat control is accurate and the best temperature range is maintained for your guests. If the temperature of your home spa is too high or too low, you could be in for an uncomfortable spa experience. Every home spa should be equipped with some form of spa or water thermometer .

Many home spa owners choose to use more than one type of testing kit in order to ensure their spa remains in the best condition possible. Using all three methods listed above will ensure your home spa performs at the highest level possible and can potentially add years onto the life of your spa. The cost of each testing method will differ, although each method will be successful in enhancing the performance and quality of your home spa.

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