Hot Tub Parts

Making Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance Easier

Skid Packs are a relatively new innovation to spas and hot tubs. These kits are designed to make maintaining and caring for your hot tub easier and time efficient. Previously, spa owners had a difficult time trying to decide which support equipment would fit their spa. Often equipment would not connect because of different sized connectors or an incompatible design. Placing these mismatched pieces together can, more often than not, result in a mess. Luckily spa manufacturers have recognized these difficulties and have come up with a solution to this problem.

In order to make this process easier for hot tub and home spa owners, a number of manufacturers began producing kits specially designed for certain hot tub and spa models. Basically, skid packs are designed to take the risk out of buying spa equipment . Skid packs provide components that are electrically and hydraulically matched. These packs are best suited for spas with a capacity up to 800 gallons. If you have a larger spa, you will probably need to purchase your support equipment piece by piece in order for the system to operate effectively.

Skid packs generally cost more than the same parts purchased individually, but are a lot easier to install and maintain. Generally, those who own a hot tub or home spa are not necessarily strapped for money so the cost should not be a great issue. In addition, most hot tub and spa owners would agree that the slight increase in cost is worth the money because of the convenience these products provide.

Pre-plumbed skid packs are the easiest to install, and usually include a pump, filter and electric heater. Two simple lines connect the water from the equipment to the spa or hot tub and a suction line draws water out. These packs make the installation and maintenance of your hot tub or home spa considerably easier. The effort and time you save is definitely worth the few extra dollars. If you are looking for a simple and easy method of maintaining the quality of your spa, purchase a skid pack and see the results for yourself.

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