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Water Treatment Products for Your Home Spa

Hot tub owners are accustomed to dealing with the competing claims of water-treatment products that go by a variety of names: hot tub sanitizers, cleansers, oxidizers, clarifiers, balancers, ionizers, defoamers and more. Its important to know the difference between these products as well as which types of chemicals are most effective when it comes to the performance of your hot tub or spa.

Spa owners need to do two things to their tub water - keep it clean and keep the pH level balanced. The most common approach to hot tub treatment is to use chemicals to do the job.

Granulated chlorine (sodium dichlor) is often used in spas and hot tubs. Some prefer bromine as an alternative because they prefer the smell and feel of bromine, even though it is more expensive than chlorine. The choice between chlorine and bromine will depend on your personal preferences as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Hot tub owners who prefer a more natural approach can experiment with a variety of enzyme formulations that kill bacteria. These products are very effective in cleansing the water in your hot tub and providing you with a clean, healthy place to relax, however their downfall is that they are often hard to find and more costly than chemicals.

Alternative sanitizers such as ozone generators or ionizers can also treat hot tub water. Ozonators work with the tub's air pump to inject bacteria-killing ozone into the water, while ionizers use copper and silver electrodes to kill organisms. Both are quite effective, though many tub users are discouraged by the initial cost of purchasing either unit.

The type of water treatment you choose is usually dependant on personal preference and budget, so take the time to learn about the options available. Research the cost of certain chemicals and cleaners as well as their effectiveness. The more information you obtain in the beginning, the better decision you can make when it comes to effective means of cleaning your hot tub.

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