Hot Tub Filters

Choosing the Most Effective Filter for Your Home Spa

Hot tub spa filters are critical pieces of equipment for spas. A hot tub with an improperly sized, broken or dirty filter will not clean the water properly. Spa filters are most commonly cartridge filters. The type of hot tub filter you choose for your system will have a significant impact on the quality of water in your unit. Generally, the more you pay for your filters the more effectively they will filter the bacteria and unwanted particles present in the water.

Cartridge filters use removable cartridges that clean the water by trapping dirt. The cartridge is cleaned or rinsed to rid it of debris. Although these filters are effective in cleaning the water in your hot tub or home spa, they require a great deal of maintenance and are not quite as effective as some of the other types of filters available - they do lose their ability to trap dirt after every wash.

Carefully read the manufacturer's directions for cleaning cartridge filters as special care must be taken to ensure their durability. Some need to be rinsed, while others may require a special cleaner to do the trick. It is important follow all hot tub maintenance procedures on a regular basis; otherwise you can potentially risk the effectiveness of your hot tub and compromise the longevity of its life.

HEPA filters for your hot tub are over 99.97 percent efficient in removing particles bigger than .3 microns in size. These are highly effective and are the most popular type of hot tub filter on today's market. Although a little more expensive than most hot tub or home spa filters, HEPA filters will enhance the performance of your hot tub better than any other filter available.

Replacement cartridges for spa cartridge filters are readily available. Replacement cartridges will depend on the brand and type of filter, as well as the cartridge's diameter, the type and size of the end and bottom caps.

Choose your filter carefully. The type of filter you choose will have a great impact on the overall performance of your hot tub or home spa.

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