Hot Tub Heater

Heating Up Your Home Spa Atmosphere

Hot tub heaters are important to maximize the enjoyment of your spa experience. Spa and hot tub heaters are commonly found in electric, natural gas and propane models. Today's heaters use extensive technology, so that all you do is choose the best water temperature and voila! Of course you will need to choose between the various heating capacities, BTUs, efficiencies, prices and warranties. These are important considerations when it comes to the effectiveness of your hot tub heater.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) express the energy required to increase the temperature of the water by one degree. Keep in mind that the higher the BTU amount, the quicker the water can be heated, but also the more money it will cost. The spa heater you choose and its BTU output will depend on how quickly you want to heat your spa's water.

Solar hot tub heaters have quickly become a popular source of hot tub heating. Solar hot tub heaters use glass or plastic collectors that the water runs through in order to heat up.

Energy Efficient Spa Heating

  • Solar covers are a great way to retain heat in your spa's water. Solar heating pads are similar to solar hot tub blankets - you place them on your hot tub's water and they retain heat by stopping water from evaporating. There are also covers designed specifically for the purpose of insulating the water.
  • Properly insulated tubs will greatly assist in keeping the hot tub water warm. Make sure that the tub is adequately filled with the proper type of foam insulation .
  • Stabilizing the temperature saves energy compared to constant radical fluctuations. If you're on vacation or away for extended periods and the tub isn't in use, then this is something to consider.
  • If you have an outdoor hot tub, consider sheltering it from the wind. Fences and lattices work well for this - and will give you more privacy and create a sound barrier as well.

Choose a heating method that not only suits your needs but suits your budget as well. Research all available heating options before making any purchases in order to ensure satisfaction with the product.

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