Spa Ozonators

Taking Hot Tub Cleaning to the Next Level

Spa ozonators or ozone generators are not stand alone systems - they assist in cleansing spa water. Spa owners often use the ozone generators with smaller amounts of hot tub chemicals, such as chlorine or bromine. Ozone, a natural sanitizer, is released from the device to kill bacteria in order to keep the water in hot tub or home spa free of bacteria and healthy for the body.

Corona discharge (CD) ozonators use electrical currents to convert air to ozone. These generation systems are not as popular as most other types of ozone generators. Most hot tub or home spa owners opt for UV ozone generators instead.

UV ozone generators tend to be more common than CD generation systems because of their effectiveness. UV ozonators use ultraviolet light bulbs to produce the same results as corona discharge ozonators.

Both systems do require on-going costs. If you are considering purchasing a UV ozonator, you should factor in the additional expense of replacing the bulb. If you are considering purchasing a CD model, keep in mind most require replacement chips. This can potentially add a significant amount to the overall cost of the system.

Hot tubs sold today are often equipped with ozone generators. Many hot tubs can easily hook up to an ozone generator, and for older hot tubs there are many ozone installation kits available to assist with hook up. Hiring an electrical or pool specialist is a good idea as the process can be detailed. You will want to make sure the system is effectively hooked up in order to prevent any difficulties in the future as a result of a poor installation.

Spa size will determine what type and size of spa ozone generator you should purchase. Be sure to check if the ozone generator can be used for indoor spas, as some cannot. Asking a professional salesperson before making any purchases will ensure you choose the correct size of generator for your spa.

Ozone generators are not stand alone systems in pools or spas. Because of this, bromine or chlorine is often recommended to be used in conjunction with the ozone generator to ensure the water is properly disinfected. Choosing to use the ozone generator on its own will result in ineffective cleaning which can potentially be very harmful to the health of any individual using the hot tub.

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