Water Sanitizer

Ensuring the Quality of Your Spa Water

Hot tub sanitizers are one of the most important choices a hot tub owner can make. Essentially, a sanitizer is the primary product that you will need to keep your hot tub or spa clean.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to the type of sanitizer you'll be using for your hot tub. Stand-alone systems such as chlorine, bromine or biguanide products can be used on their own but there are a number of co-dependent systems which assist in cleaning the water as well. Keep in mind, co-dependent systems do not have the ability to perform all functions required for healthy water.

Stand-Alone Sanitizers

Chlorine recommended for spas is granulated chlorine (sodium dichlor). All other types of chlorine are for swimming pools only.

Bromine tablets specifically made for spa use are an effective but expensive alternative to chlorine.

Biguanide products are also available to clean the water. Biguanide sanitization systems are not compatible with many other products on the market (i.e. chlorine or bromine). For this reason, there are complete biguanide product lines that include shock, testing strips, filter cleaner and defoamers, to name a few.

Chlorine generators for spas and hot tubs are also available. These devices transform salt into chlorine to sanitize the water.

Co-dependant Systems

Spa ozonators or ozone generators are units that change air into ozone and then release this natural bacteria destroyer into the spa's water.

Mineral purifiers are devices, often with replaceable cartridges, that use minerals to sanitize water.

Spa ionizers or ionization systems are devices that electronically dispense metallic ions. Ions naturally kill algae and other bacteria in water.

Hot tubs and spas are more conducive to disease and germs as a result of the very high temperatures and smaller water per person ratios. For this reason it is imperative that regular testing and a cleaning regime is followed to ensure the water is clean and balanced. Spa owners must find the balance as using too many chemicals or too few can be detrimental.

Spa owners should read the equipment and chemical manufacturer's directions carefully before dispensing any products. Incompatible chemicals and sanitization systems can be quite dangerous and harm your hot tub and you.

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