Hot Tub Steps

The Best Spa Steps for Your Hot Tub

Hot tub stairs can be straight and simple or curved depending on the preferences of the owners. There are a number of features and designs to choose from when it comes to stairs for your hot tub or home spa. Spa steps can be found with one, two or three rungs – so choose stairs that are the appropriate height for your unit. The stairs should be made of materials that offer traction in order to prevent injuries which may result from slippery steps.

Hot tub stairs can be found in portable models or can accompany the tub at the time of purchase. Portable hot tub stairs lean against the hot tub. Some hot tub steps double as storage bins. These are ultra convenient as they offer a good spot for towels or other spa accessories.

Hot tub steps rarely come with handrails, although some companies offer them as an additional feature. It is possible to match your stairs to the interior color of your hot tub or your hot tub deck if you can find stairs made of the same color and material as your hot tub base. Generally you can find stairs made of redwood, cedar and durable plastics which are compatible with a number of hot tub and spa designs on today's market.

Built in spa steps are another option if you are currently looking for a hot tub. Some manufacturers now include built in steps with railings as a feature of their hot tubs. Many hot tub and spa owners prefer built in stairs because of their sturdiness and reliability. These will add a significant amount to your initial cost however you will save money in the future from not having to add stairs to your unit.

Plastic hot tub steps are the least expensive option, although many families still prefer to pay more for the aesthetic and durable features of wood. The type of stairs you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend. Generally, hot tub stairs range in price anywhere from $70-$300 in price.

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