Hot Tub Spa Jet Nozzles

May the Force be with You.. and Your Hot Tub

Hot tub jets are the most important feature of the unit and are the outstanding difference between spas and normal bathtubs. The jets are the reason most people buy the hot tub in the first place. Without the jets, a hot tub wouldn't be as relaxing or have as many therapeutic benefits as they do. There are a number of decisions to make when it comes to choosing the type and number of jets in your spa design.

Types of Jets

Therapeutic Jets – Therapeutic jets are very popular because of their powerful force and massage-like results. These jets can be adjusted according to the amount of force desired by the bather.

Whirlpool Jets – Whirlpool jets are larger than most other types and are commonly circular in shape. These are generally used for individuals requiring therapeutic benefits as well. Each jet has the power of 6 normal jets combined.

Bubble Jets – Also known as pulsating jets, these are designed to gently vibrate the water against your muscles. Much like the feeling of a hand massage, these create a pulsating motion which will alleviate pain associated with sore muscles, aches and pains.

Swirling Jets – Swirling jets gently move the water around in a circular motion, creating a gentle, massage-like feeling. These jets alternate directions and allow for less intense relief over a larger space rather than intense relief over a limited space.

Pillow Jets – Pillow jets are located near the neck on a patented surface and create the feeling of a neck massage. Pillow jets do not require your head to be submerged underwater. You simply press a button and the massaging begins while warm water gentle falls from the pillow and onto your neck.

The type(s) of jets you choose will have a huge impact on your daily spa experience. Research and test a number of models before making any purchases. The number of jets you choose will also have a great impact on the performance of your spa. The more jets you have, the more successful your spa will be in relaxing your mind and body. That said, the more jets you choose, the more expensive your spa will end up costing. Ultimately, it's your decision. Choose wisely.

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