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How to Care for Your Hot Tub Cover

Maintaining your spa cover is an important aspect to consider in ensuring the quality of your hot tub cover. Spa covers play an important role in the longevity of your hot tub and can have a significant impact on your spa's performance. There are a number of questions and concerns expressed by hot tub owners regarding the best ways to maintain your spa cover. Below you can find a list of these concerns along with some guidelines to follow in order to ensure proper maintenance:

How often should a spa cover be cleaned?

To keep your spa cover in the best condition possible it should be cleaned monthly. At the very least, your spa cover should be cleaned every other month.

What is the most effective way to clean the cover?

The best way to clean your spa cover is by simply spraying it with a garden hose. A very mild soap (about 1 tsp. of dishwasher soap mixed with 2 gallons of water) can be used to eliminate dirt and debris, but make sure you don't get any soap inside your spa.

Is there anything else that needs to be done to the cover afterwards?

If you really want to ensure the quality of your cover you can conditsion your cover with a conditioner designed for hot tubs. It is important to do this at least once every three months. Make sure the conditioner is suitable for vinyl materials otherwise it may damage the quality of your cover. This type of product can be found at any hardware store.

How Can You Fix a Hole in the Cover?

You can repair a hole in your spa cover with a vinyl repair patch kit. These kits can be found at any hot tub, home spa or hardware store and will quickly and efficiently fix the hole or slit in your cover.

Are there any additional care tips for hot tubs located in colder climates?

If you own a hot tub and you live in a colder climate it is important to make sure you always remove any snow or ice residing on top of the cover. In addition, making sure your water chemistry is healthy will help to reduce mildew in the cooler months.

Use common sense when it comes to taking care of your hot tub cover. Never use rakes or sharp objects which may potentially tear or damage the cover. Maintaining your spa cover will not only lengthen the life of your cover, but will also help to keep your hot tub running in good condition for many years to come.

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