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Critical Elements in the Performance of Your Hot Tub or Spa

Hot tub motors, heaters and pumps are the three most critical pieces of equipment in your spa design. Together, these pieces of equipment generate the water flow in your spa and allow it to operate continuously and effectively. For those of you who are unaware of the process involved in spa operation, we have compiled valuable information which may help you better understand how these pieces of equipment work.


The pump is basically the most important component of your spa. Many spa experts consider the pump to be "the heart of the spa" and identify this component as a crucial element in the overall success of its performance. Hot tub pumps generally consist of two parts: the impeller and a motor. The pump suctions water from ports in the system, draws in the water through the front of the pump, releases it through the top, and returns the water through the jets. Once the water is suctioned into the pump, the impeller shoots the water out of the pump and into the filter. Once it passes through the filter it finds its way to the jets and eventually to you.


The motor is used to generate a turning motion inside the pump. The motor is also a critical element in the operation of your hot tub because without the motor, the impeller would not work and without the impeller, the water would not have enough movement to reach the filter or the jets.


We all know that a hot tub just simply wouldn't be a hot tub if the water wasn't hot. This is where the hot tub heater comes in. From the moment you turn on your hot tub to the moment you turn it off, the heater is effectively working to warm the water. As the water passes through the pumps, the heater is used to turn the water from room temperature to temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on what your thermostat is set to). Water flow is very important in the heating process because without water, the heat will likely burn the pumps and pipes to the point where they may be permanently damaged.

As you can see, these three components are critical in the successful functioning of your hot tub or spa. If one of these pieces breaks down or becomes damaged, it is important to have it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Failing to do so may result in permanent damage to your hot tub.

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