Hot Tub TV

Watch TV While Relaxing in Your Spa

A hot tub isn't just a hot tub anymore. It's a whole entertainment center, perfect for hours of relaxing or partying. Some spas are complete with stereos, speakers, TVs and DVD players. I wouldn't be surprised if there were interactive video games on the horizon. You can also add bars with mini fridges and LED lighting for fantastic ambience. Who really knows what will come next?

The hot tub TVs and DVDs are great to keep you stimulated while you are soaking away the day's stresses. You can watch the game, a movie or even a spa fitness DVD. There are many things to consider when looking purchasing a hot tub entertainment system. If we examine the GX49 Spa from Cal Spas and the whole luxury package, you'll have a better idea of what to look for when you want one heck of a sexy entertainment spa.

The GX49 Spa has a 42" plasma flat screen TV that pops-up from the side of the hot tub with the push of a button - most hot tub TVs are about 15". A hot tub TV is a nice thing to have, but what about the sound? This hot tub TV sports Marine grade 4" Clarion speakers, a four hundred watt amplifier and a four subwoofer surround sound - the perfect thing to annoy the neighbors.

Not only does this hot tub have a TV, it also has a DVD player, CD stereo system, 49 jets, fiber optic lighting and four waterfalls. It also boasts an adjustable therapy system. Tie this in with a custom built wet bar and a fridge and you may move out of your house and permanently into your yard.

This may sound like a dream come true, but there are other things to consider:

  • Cable and satellite : Before you buy a hot tub TV or hot tub entertainment system, you want to ensure that safety comes first. Call your cable or satellite provider to find out if they have the proper waterproof hook-ups and of course ask how much it will cost for installation and monthly charges for this extravagance. If you only use your hot tub in the summer, ask if you can get a "deal" on the service fees if you disconnect in the winter. Some cable companies charge a reinstallation fee to have it hooked-up again in the summer. If your provider's aren't helpful, call the manufacturer and ask them for the right hardware to set this up. Be warned, this route is more expensive and you should always have a professional install anything involving electricity near water.
  • Heat Exhaustion and Sunburn : So you buy this fancy model and are the envy of all your friends. In the middle of the summer you invite your buddies over to watch the game, drink beer and eat chips, wings and chili. You get the picture. Alcohol dehydrates, as does the heat and sun. The heat of the tub also intensifies the alcohol's effects and someone who is only planning on having two drinks may feel like he's drank five or six. After sitting in the glaring sun for a couple of hours you may get life threatening heat exhaustion and sunburn.
  • Noise level : If you live in the country with the nearest neighbor miles away, the hot tub TV and entertainment system is a great investment in pleasure. However, if you neighbor is only a few yards away, you should think twice about the hot tub stereo and TV. What may seem like a quiet night for you may be loud and annoying to Pete and Mabel next door. Water carries voices further and with the rumble of the jets, you would have that stereo cranked higher than average. Unless you plan on spending your evenings watching TV in your hot tub with Pete and Mabel, talk to them first and ask them if they would be opposed to you getting one of these luxury entertainment systems. If they are ok with this, remember we live in a transient society and Bob and Margaret may move in four months after installation.
  • You get what you pay for : As with everything, you truly get what you pay for when buying a hot tub TV or spa entertainment system. There are low end models and high end models. Know the difference, do your homework in advance and only get what you need. Pay attention to the quality vs. quantity; get four good quality speakers instead of eight mediocre speakers. Makes sense right? Also, don't let the salesperson guilt you or pressure you into buying what you don't need. The infamous, high pressure, hot tub salesperson can't force you to impulse buy if you know what you want before you go. Also, remember they usually make commission and you can negotiate. It is best to negotiate when you are buying a whole package, as there is more room for leeway.
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