Hot Tub Spa Umbrella

Protecting Your Spa Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Hot tub umbrellas are one of the newest spa accessories on today's market. Many hot tub and spa owners have decided to add an umbrella to their luxury units in order to create shade and introduce a level of privacy that many outdoor hot tubs lack. Whether you purchase one of these items for appearance purposes, privacy issues or protection from the sun, there are a number of designs and shapes to choose from in order to make your outdoor setting truly unique.

Hot tub and spa umbrellas need to be made out of strong, durable materials. These materials also need to be weather resistant in order to sustain harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, hail and snow. Aluminum frames are very popular among hot tub and spa owners and will withstand most weather conditions. The design of your umbrella is just as important as the material it is made from.

Perhaps the most popular hot tub umbrella design is the model that simply slides under the base of the spa. These are often referred to as side umbrellas and are cheaper than most other forms available. In addition, they are also very easy and convenient to set-up and take down. Although these umbrellas are capable of withstanding a certain weather conditions, they are not the strongest type available on the market.

The strongest and sturdiest umbrellas for your hot tub or spa are called domes. These are complete structures which are held up by four posts and secured to the base of your hot tub. They are esthetically pleasing and are a very beneficial addition to every spa setting. Many dome models are available with the option of privacy panels. These privacy panels are much like curtains in that they are pulled down in order to provide complete privacy to users. Although this feature is very beneficial, it will add a considerable amount the overall price of the umbrella.

If you are looking to purchase a hot tub or spa umbrella there are a number of things to consider. Although dome umbrellas seem like the best type of umbrella, they are considerably more expensive than side umbrellas and are more difficult to put up and take down. Ultimately, it depends on your backyard setting, the size of your hot tub and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Research a number of models and designs in order to ensure you purchase a style that suits your needs.

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