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Seating Options for Your Hot Tub or Home Spa

The type of seating you choose for your hot tub will highly contribute to the comfort level of your spa. Luxurious seating can improve your hot tub experience and allow for higher degrees of relaxation because your body is in a more peaceful state. There are many types of seating to choose from in order to suit the needs of a wide variety of individuals. Below you will find a list of possible seating styles for your hot tub in order to determine which type is best suited for you.

Types of Seating

Bench Seating – Perhaps the most common form of hot tub seating, benches are the basic structural design incorporated into most spa designs. Benches allow space for more individuals than separate seating, but are also known to be less comfortable. Bench seating is one of the cheapest forms of spa seating.

Bucket Seating – Bucket seating refers to a lower, individual seat capable of fitting only one person. This seat is often compared to those found in sports cars because of its low orientation. For the most part, bucket seating is more expensive than bench seating because it provides a massage-like feeling and is designed for body comfort.

Lounge Seating – Lounge seats have recently become a very popular feature sought out by many hot tub shoppers. A lounge seat is much like a recliner, especially when it comes to comfort – it is designed to contour all parts of the body. Lounges allow users to stretch out their bodies completely in order to maximize their comfort level in the spa. These chairs often include head rests and arm rests to accommodate all users. This type of seating is more expensive than both bench and bucket seating.

Therapy Seating – Also known as a captain's chair, therapeutic seats are designed for absolute user comfort. Therapy seats differ among manufacturers; however, most are designed with headrests, armrests and a number of jets to massage the entire body. In addition, these seats are designed for one person, but are extremely large in order to allow more movement for the user. Therapy seats are almost always located in one of the hot tub's four corners. Therapy seating and lounge seating are the two most expensive types of hot tub seats available.

Ultimately it is your decision as to which type of seating suits you best. The amount of money you are willing to spend will have a great impact on your limitations when it comes to specific features and designs. Many hot tub owners agree that paying the high cost for comfortable seating will pay off in the future. If you're going to spend a great deal of money purchasing a hot tub, it might as well be a nice one.

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