Sauna Rooms

How These Home Heating Systems are Constructed

There are a number of components associated with a sauna which must be considered in the construction of these units. Although some saunas are a basic square room, there are many designs which involve complex construction requirements. The perfect sauna cabin has several rooms including a changing room, the stove room, a relaxation room, and a cooling tank. These rooms are not all necessary in order for your sauna to be effective; however having all these rooms in your design will make your sauna more convenient and relaxing.

The relaxation room, or cooling room, may simply be a deck or patio with benches where bathers can cool down and dry off after the sauna. In colder climates, a room attached to the stove room is beneficial so that the temperature drop is not as great when walking out into the outside air. If the sauna is close to the house, then a room in the house will do. This type of room will make your sauna experience much more relaxing and will allow for proper cool-off time in order to get your body back to its original temperature.

The stove room will ideally have benches at a couple of different heights allowing users to stretch out in a prone position. This way the whole body is exposed to the same temperature. Depending on the size of the stove room, the temperature should be kept at 70-90 °C (158-194 °F). Keep in mind, the temperature of the stove room should be lower when children are using the sauna. Children are more sensitive to warmer temperatures and being exposed to high amounts of heat at one time can potentially be dangerous, especially to smaller children.

The option to have a cool dip in a water source is often a part of the complete sauna experience. There are numerous ways to supply this beneficial step: a nearby pool or pond, or an outdoor or indoor home spa. Adding a pool, pond, or home spa can add a significant amount to the overall cost of your sauna construction. If you have the extra money in your budget, you may want to consider purchasing one of these items for your sauna environment.

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