Sauna Heaters

Turn Up the Heat in Your Sauna

The sauna heater is the heart and soul of the sauna. The heater will determine the atmosphere and temperature in the sauna and controls how effectively the sauna will perform to your expectations. Deciding on the best heater for your sauna will depend on the size of your sauna, the energy you would like to expend, and the esthetic mood you would like to present. There are a number of important factors to address before making any decisions regarding your heater.

Below you will find a list of factors to consider when purchasing a sauna heater:

  • Size of heater and heat radius recommended.
  • Wattage range and power requirements and installation needs.
  • Is the steam generator connected directly to water supply or manually filled?
  • Insulation to keep rocks "always hot, always ready."
  • Outer insulation to maintain very low surface temperatures.
  • Child safety (some have locks on the lid).
  • Lid-switches that allows the booster element to come on when the lid is opened and to go off when the lid is closed.
  • Hand-held or wall-mounted sauna control panel.
  • Aesthetic looks approximating glowing embers.
  • Contemporary or traditional designs.

These are very important factors to consider before purchasing a heater. Neglecting to address these types of considerations can potentially result in an ineffective heater which will ultimately lead to an ineffective sauna. The type of heater you choose can make or break your sauna's performance so make sure you do your research before coming to a decision. There are many sauna heaters on the market – you do have choices. Keep this list in mind when researching the sauna heaters available in your area, make notes and compare the details of each heater before you make a decision.

It is important to make sure the type of heater you choose for your sauna comes equipped with an effective warranty. In order to ensure you remain happy with your product, look for sauna heaters with a limited warranty of at least one year. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong or your heater does not perform to your expectations, you can either exchange your heater for another model or get your money back. A company who truly believes in their product will have no problem offering a warranty.

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