Sauna Kits

An Installation Kit for all Types of Saunas

The question many homeowners ask is, should I buy or build? From the outset it might appear that saunas are simply wooden box-like rooms with special sauna heaters inside, but there is more involved in the design and setup of saunas than what appears to the eye.

Technically it is true that a sauna is a simple wooden box, however you must consider structure development, heat absorption, placement of your heater, safety, durability and aesthetics when deciding on doing it yourself. This is a lot of work and it will be quite difficult for individuals who have very little knowledge on the subject.

For those of you who decide to build your own sauna, we have compiled a list of tips which may be helpful throughout the sauna-building process.

The first thing you must do is make sure you have proper electrical wiring done to provide your sauna with power. Once that is completed, have the entire construction inspected for building codes. After you have checked the electrical wiring and have the construction inspected for building codes, you can begin to choose a sauna kit. A sauna kit will provide you with all the materials you need to successfully build your sauna, as well as a step-by-step guide illustrating the process for you. Many companies offer superior sauna kits that have fairly easy instructions for saunas that are 4'x4', 4'x6', 6'x6', 6'x8' or larger.

Here are a few points to consider when looking at sauna kits:

  • Take the time to verify exactly how much the kit encompasses. Is it a complete sauna materials kit? Or does it offer only the shell?
  • Verify that the wood included in the kit is of good quality before purchasing.
  • Make certain that the wood paneling features tongue and groove installation.
  • Find out if you require special flooring like duckboard that you must purchase separately or if it comes with the package.
  • Is there a heater guard included?
  • Do you need to purchase a light fixture or is that included in the kit?
  • Consider if the cedar benches are included and how the kit installs benches for durability and safety.
  • Make a list of things NOT included in your kit, such as 2x4 framing, R12 fiberglass insulation, air grills, framing nails, wiring and exterior paneling.
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