Corner Hot Tub

A Spa Designed for Smaller Areas

Corner hot tubs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many individuals interested in owning a home spa. This type of hot tub is perfect for individuals who really want a hot tub, but do not have as much money or space required for one. There are a number of outstanding features associated with corner hot tubs which allow them to stand out from their competition.

Corner hot tubs possess a number of benefits to the user which allow for a relaxing, enjoyable experience. This type of spa is available with all the same features as a normal hot tub; however, the only difference is its size.

Corner hot tubs are generally smaller than most other types available because they have less space to work with. The smaller size makes these hot tubs perfect for individuals, couples or families who have a smaller amount of space in their home or yard. Generally, corner hot tubs only provide enough space for two adults at any given time.

One of the outstanding features associated with corner hot tubs is cost. Because this style is smaller in size, it not only costs less initially, but will also save you money on a regular basis with lower operating costs. In addition, these hot tubs provide an added level of intimacy which is sometimes difficult to achieve with larger models. Many new homeowners or couples who are beginning a life together choose this model to start with because of its lower cost.

Below you will find a list of advantages and disadvantages of corner hot tubs:


  • Corner tubs make it possible to install a hot tub or spa in smaller areas which normally may not have enough space for normal-sized models.
  • Lower cost for individuals who do not have sufficient income to maintain a larger spa. Likewise, the lower cost also provides the consumer with the opportunity of adding additional features.
  • Provides a cozy, intimate setting for couples.


  • Smaller size than most forms of hot tubs on the market. Most have a capacity of only two adults at any given time.
  • Not as esthetically pleasing as normal square, circle or octagonal hot tub shapes.
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