Fragrances Spa

What the Scent of Your Hot Tub Says About You

Spa fragrances can produce a flavorful mood and add to the ambiance of a home spa. Bath bead and salt fragrances come in all kinds of attractive scents like floral, fruit, spice or evergreen flavors. Add a splash of excitement with eucalyptus, strawberry or lemon fragrance. Believe it or not, the fragrance you choose for your hot tub or home spa can significantly change the mood and atmosphere your hot tub provides.

Spa skin softeners are products that you can purchase to make the water feel soft and smooth. Hot tub crystals improve soaking pleasure with their various scents. Many hot tub and home spa owners choose to add these scented softeners to their system in order to enhance the water while providing a freshly scented environment for everyone to enjoy.

Aromatherapy uses fragrances to produce a more pleasing state of mind. Like incense, aromatherapy bath crystals are designed to dissolve in the heated water and delight the senses. States like harmony, renewal, and healing, tranquility, invigorating, euphoria and stress relief are all possibilities. Consider holding an aromatherapy spa party and have your guests guess each scent's curative benefits! Aromatherapy for your spa can relieve stress and tension while providing you with a relaxed environment to enjoy at the end of a long day. These products are inexpensive and provide many benefits for hot tub users. Aromatherapy also pairs well with hydrotherapy treatments as certain scents help the mind and body relax alongside the pounding massage of the water.

When purchasing spa fragrance and aromatherapy products, it is imperative to buy those that are suitable for hot tub and spa water. Only consider fragrances, softeners and crystals that won't affect the balance of your water or cause damage to the wall and floor of your hot tub or equipment. Ask a salesperson if you are unaware whether or not a product is suitable for a hot tub or home spa.

Each individual has their own personal preference as to which type of smell they would prefer. Fortunately, there are thousands to choose from and you can switch them up so you never get bored. Hot tub beads, water softeners and other scented products can be purchased at any home care store. The cost of these items will vary depending on the company, product and type of scent you choose. Choose your products wisely; the scent of your hot tub can have a great impact on your overall hot tub experience.

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