Best Hot Tub

Choosing the Right Hot Tub for Your Home

There are many different designs and styles to choose from when shopping for a home spa. Home spas are available in many styles and shapes, but generally there are three different types to choose from.

Portable Spas - Portable spas consist of a molded fiberglass spa, heater, pump, filter and bubbler or hydro-jets in a single assembly. All that is required to install a portable spa is an acceptable location, an electrical outlet and a local water source. These types of spas are generally less expensive than their counterparts.

Pool Spas are ideal for those that enjoy a cool dip in their swimming pool. Refresh yourself after with a hot soak in the connecting spa. If both a swimming pool and spa are connected, the two can share the same filtration unit; if the spa is too far from the pool, then a separate filtration system is required. It's fairly easy to add a home spa to an existing pool and it makes for a fabulous and relaxing addition.

Swim Spas are best for those that might not have the space for a large swimming pool, but still want to swim for exercise. Swim spas are swim in-place pools that are larger than a hot tub but smaller than a pool and feature propelled waves to simulate swimming. They also have heating and sitting functions so that they can be used for relaxation. These spas provide relief to individuals suffering from sore muscles and other aches and pains.

Spa-tubs are a recent innovation and combine the best qualities of the hot tub and the home spa. A spa-tub is a wooden tub with a vinyl liner, offering the rustic beauty of a hot tub with the cleaner interior lines of a fiberglass spa.

The type of home spa you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend. Choose wisely, this is a large investment which will likely last a long time. In order to ensure you're happy with your purchase, research a number of companies and designs before making a final decision.

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