Pool Spa

For Hot Tub and Pool Lovers Who Want the Best of Both Worlds

Pool spa combinations are essentially a swimming pool with an adjoining spa. Because many people enjoy a cool dip in their swimming pool and are refreshed afterwards by a hot soak in a spa, a pool and spa combination is practical and offers a distinct look. Indoor pool spas generally cost more than outdoor models and require a significant amount of indoor space – although the majority of pool spas are located outdoors.

There are a number of benefits to both in-ground and above-ground spas. Keep the following points in mind about both types of pool spas in order to determine which type is best suited for your home.

In-ground spas

Pool spa combinations that are built in-ground can be on the same level or tiered for a different effect. Today's most unique in-ground spa designs elevate the spa higher than the pool so the hot water from the spa can spill over into the pool. Although this looks great, it requires a large pump and can waste a lot of water. The cost of in-ground spas will depend on the manufacturer as well as any additional features you choose as part of the pool spa package.

Above-ground spas

Some in-ground and above-ground pool owners prefer to have an above-ground hot tub installed in close proximity to their pool. This creates a unified look which is pleasing to many homeowners and is also a practical option for individuals using both the pool and the spa on a regular basis. Too much distance between the pool and spa can be irritating and may decrease the use of one of the pools. Similar to in-ground spas, the cost of above ground spas will depend on the manufacturer, as well as any additional features associated with the model you choose.

Swimming pools and spas, if connected, are often able to share the same filtration unit and heaters, but this is only if they are situated close enough to one another. There are many accessories associated with pool spas such as waterfalls, stereo systems, televisions and more. The additional features can add a significant amount to the overall price of your pool spa so make sure you take these costs into consideration with your budget.

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