Swim Spa

Improve Health and Well-being with a Swim Spa

Swim Spas are sometimes referred to as swim-in-place or exercise pools. Swim spas offer the benefits of a pool, without the space required for a larger version. Swim spas combine the element of exercise with that of relaxation. A true swim spa doubles as an exercise pool and then has seating, a comprehensive heating system and jets with massaging attributes similar to a hot tub.

Swim spas use a current that is produced by a machine. A person in the swim spa exercises while virtually staying in one spot - as they move their arms and legs against the current.

Swim spas most often come equipped with all relevant pumping and heating systems as well as the device that thrusts water forward and circulates it. Swim spas also have extensive temperature and water flow gauge controls for comfort enhancement and to ensure the workout isn't too strenuous.

Most swim spas or exercise pools currently on the market are for those wanting an outdoor or indoor pool. Although they are freestanding structures, some can easily be installed in-ground for a different look.

Swim spas in basic models start at around $19,000 in price with more elaborate models costing more.

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