Water Fitness

Spa Dumbbells, Pool Noodles, Waterproof Ankle Weights and Exercise Bands, Etc.

Hot tub and spa exercise kits add a whole new dimension to hot tub and home spa use. Just soaking in a tub can be beneficial for you because the heat relaxes muscles and rids your body of toxins, by making you sweat. The spa's jets and the heat can help reduce stress as well. Hot tubs can also lower your blood pressure by making your blood vessels dilate increasing blood flow. Hydrotherapy is very good for just about everyone, especially those people with back pain, arthritis, insomnia and type 2 diabetes. It also is purported to help with weight loss and reduce the visual effects of cellulite. Still, these are just the bare minimum benefits you may receive by having a soak in a tub. If you want to experience additional benefits from your hot tub, try one of the hot tub exercise kits available.

First off, I think we have all heard of swim spas which use water resistance while you exercise. These are relatively small-sized pools that can be kept at a temperature consistent with your needs. Basically, you swim, but your body doesn't go anywhere. These swim spas are good if you don't have enough room for a pool in your back yard. However, they are generally larger than a hot tub. So, you would still need adequate space to support the swim spa.

If you already have a hot tub, there is a variety of exercise equipment you can buy to help you on your way to better health.

Spa Dumbbells: You can purchase aquatic dumbbells, but like everything, ensure you know how to use them properly. Sometimes you can do more damage than good.

Waterproof, Neoprene Webbed Gloves : Great resistance training for those who want to tone arms and increase strength while in the hot tub.

Pool Noodles : These long, tubular floatation devices are great and cheap items to use for toning all different muscle groups including your quads. The best way to use the pool noodles in a hot tub is to cut them in half.

Ankle Weights: These, perfect for the hot tub, ankle weights are exceptional for shaping that inner thigh, calf muscles and buttocks, if used correctly. With the resistance of the water and the slow and controlled weight you are almost getting a double workout.

Exercise Bands: These resistance bands may not look like much, but wowee do they work. If you've ever taken a Pilates class you will know the intense workout these exercise bands can give individual muscle groups. Think about the little bit extra you get when using them in water.

Hot Tub Exercise DVDs: These little gems are mandatory to get yourself started with your spa exercise regime. They will show you how to get the most out of your muscles while also keeping you safe from injury. If you have a hot tub entertainment system you could play the DVDs in your hot tub and move along with the instructor.

Built-In Equipment: There are bars and pulley-type systems that can be built into a hot tub or spa. While these are great advances in hot tub technology, they can be quite expensive. I recommend buying your own equipment separately because it's cheaper and easier to replace.

Spa fitness is not only fun, it can help just about everyone. If you are interested in starting a spa fitness program, remember to check with your doctor before you start.

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