Hot Tub Entertainment System

Additional Features for your Hot Tub or Home Spa

Hot tub entertainment systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now a relaxing soak in your hot tub can be enjoyed while listening to your favorite CD, watching TV or even popping in your favorite DVD.

Hot tub stereo systems and CD players are the most common entertainment unit found today. Many dealers even offer a promotional stereo system with their tubs. Some feature CD players that hook into the spa system, although built-in CD players are also available. The options are endless and there are a number of alternatives for individuals and families on a budget.

Hot tub TVs can feature automatic lifting flat screen televisions. Be sure that you purchase a system that won't fog from the steam of the hot tub though - no matter how big the screen is, you want to see it. Ask a salesperson at the time of purchase to ensure the TV is suitable for the hot tub atmosphere.

Speakers for your spa are an important consideration as well. Water proof speakers can be built into the external surface of the hot tub shell - some are visible while others are pop-up versions. Some speakers will project sound through water, while others project out of the hot tub's sides, and some may do both. Surround sound systems and subwoofers (a machine that amplifies at lower frequencies) are offered on some systems as well.

There are a number of remote control features compatible with hot tub TVs and stereos. Remote controls that mount and are built into the hot tub are popular, as well as remote controls which float above water.

Built in home theatre and entertainment systems are normally found on features of luxury models by manufacturers. Other systems can purchased as add-ons to existing tubs. The most crucial part of choosing entertainment equipment for your spa or hot tub is to ensure all units are hooked up properly and are suitable for spa use, indoor and outdoors. Contacting a hot tub dealer and a licensed electrician before making any purchases is an important element in the successful functioning of these products.

Be prepared to budget as these systems don't come cheap. Most can add over $10,000 to the cost of your tub.

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