Hot Tub Enclosure

Adding an Attachment to Your Home Spa

Hot tub enclosures can be any shape or size imaginable. Fully enclosed buildings complete with doors and windows - even specifically built bathrooms - are becoming more common. For better breathe-ability, many prefer partially or fully open structures like a pergola or gazebo with posts and a roof. There are benefits to all types of enclosures.

Custom made enclosures are a popular option and are best for those with deep wallets. If you have the money you can custom design an enclosure to suit your every need. For those of us who can't afford to spend as much money, simpler hot tub enclosure kits and pre-fabricated structures are also readily available. Some are simple in design and easier to erect such as those consisting of four posts and a plastic roof, whereas others are extravagant with complex installation requirements.

Spa gazebos range from the simple to the elaborate. Spa gazebos are often made of cedar and redwood, and some feature lattice sides and closed roofing systems with skylights. Spa gazebo structures can feature fully enclosed roofs, profile lattice or beamed roofing which may give some shade but won't give you shelter. Roof enclosures can be made of wood or metal roofs and some feature polycarbonate roofing systems that are totally transparent. There are a number of styles designed to suit the needs of a wide consumer base.

Hot tub enclosures of today are available with plant holders, bar tables and kits, benches and intricate flooring patterns. Whether you want an open entrance with stairs or one with a door, there are a myriad of design options.

There are even hot tub enclosures that mount onto the edge of the hot tub. These devices are used for a number of different purposes. Some enclosures are used for privacy reasons, some for design purposes and others as protection from harsh weather conditions. Some enclosures are used for more than one purpose, such as an enclosure for both design and privacy. If you purchase a multi-purpose enclosure for your hot tub, it's important to keep in mind the primary reason for the enclosure to ensure it continues to serve its purpose.

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