Hot Tub Gazebo

Spa Gazebos for Privacy

So you now own or you are thinking about owning a hot tub. You have it all planned and fanaticize about what you will do in it. You buy the hot tub, you put water in it, wait for what seems like an exorbitant amount of time for it to heat up, you pop open the champagne and…your plans are completely ruined.


Because all of your neighbors can see and hear you and your loved one. Yep, there’s nothing like Bob the neighbor peering out the window, noshing on chicken, to ruin the romance of the night. There’s also nothing like running as fast as you can to the tub, dropping your towel in a split second while bumbling down the hot tub stairs, splashing everywhere. Oh yes, that’s nice.

There is an answer to this disillusionment. The hot tub gazebo. Think about it, something that prevents the neighbors from seeing you and also muffles the sounds that are carried by water (especially if you chose a noisy hot tub to speak over). There are many styles and functions of the hot tub gazebo, so here are some things to think about:

  • Privacy: look for something that will shield you from your neighbors’ nosy eyes, but also look for something that will muffle sounds. A frame with lattice and some thick growing vine can help do this, affordably.
  • Design: find a hot tub gazebo that compliments your backyard design. If you have brickwork, make a brickwork gazebo. If you have a pine wood deck, use pine. Some hot tub manufacturers even have gazebos which match your tub, pre-made and easy to assemble.
  • Function: Would you like your hot tub gazebo to include a bar? Perhaps, a place to hang towels and exercise equipment? Maybe a bench for a cool down moment? A place for music?
  • Location: I once had a friend who made the most beautiful hot tub gazebo in all the land. It was a sight to behold, but I think I need smarter friends. Not only did he construct it on the side where he had no neighbors, he also made a "roof" for the hot tub so no sun or stars could be seen. Think about it. Hot Tub gazebos aren’t rocket science. Also remember that you need to be able to access the guts of the hot tub and build appropriately to accommodate.

There are many styles and types of hot tub gazebos to choose from. They all add different elements to what is already fantastic.

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