Hot Tub Lighting

Light Up Your Home Spa Environment

Hot tub spa lighting is a recent and hot trend in the spa industry. Whether you prefer to create ambience with one color or many different colors, you can find lighting that flashes, changes color or both. Built-in lights are currently a very common feature when purchasing a spa or hot tub. Some hot tub manufacturers even combine flowing water, water arcs and fountains to make the lighting even more dramatic. There is an endless array of lighting options to choose from.

Fiber optic lighting for spa use consists of fluorescent lights surrounded by a clear cable. Fiber optic fixtures are also available. Either built into the system underwater or surrounding the hot tub's frame, fiber optic lights are available with remote systems that allow the user to change the color or light pattern at the flick of a button. This is one of the most popular lighting styles for today's hot tubs and home spas.

Underwater lights that are built right into the hot tub or spa are also common. Most of these lighting systems feature stainless steel or other metal housings and a strong glass cover. Colored lenses are also sold to place over the glass in order to transform the color. This type of lighting transforms a setting into a romantic, elegant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

LED lights or light-emitting diodes are the most recent technological trend to hit the hot tub industry. LEDs are found on TV remotes, cars and bicycle lights and are becoming more common because they last a long time and are energy efficient. LED bulbs and systems can feature one or more colors which may remain constant or blink depending on the type of bulb. These long-lasting lights are perfect for individuals with lots of money and little time to spend on hot tub maintenance. Simply install them and they perform at high efficiency rates for a long period of time.

Please ensure that any lights installed or replaced in a hot tub spa are done by a professional and are designed specifically for spa use. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. It's important to read all relevant literature and hire professionals for your own safety.

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