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Extra Touches for Your Home Spa

Hot tub and spa accessories will enhance your enjoyment of your hot tub. These accessories take your experience to the next level and provide you and your guests with the highest level of comfort and luxury when relaxing in your hot tub or spa. Whether you want relaxation, fun, or practicality, consider adding these great hot tub accessories to your system.

Spa pillows affix to the side of a spa and provide a more comfortable rest. They come in different sizes and are usually shaped in a crescent or concave fashion to provide proper support to the head and neck when leaning back in a home spa.

Spa planters come in different textures and materials. Choose a planter that will provide a sense of natural ambiance to your home spa. Consider choosing pottery, polyethylene or a similar durable plastic so your planter will last longer in the moist environment.

Citronella candles can provide a romantic outdoor setting while keeping insects at bay. A variety of shapes and sizes are available from votives, pillars, to potted candles. To further enhance the atmosphere, if you don't already have an entertainment centre built into your spa, you could always consider a floating radio specifically designed for spa use.

Massagers can add an almost guilty pleasure to your spa or hot tub. These portable, waterproof, sometimes battery-powered units mechanically massage tired muscles. Many versions are hand held with rollers and require a friend to apply them to the tightened muscles in your back. Make sure you've got a volunteer who will gladly give and receive a massage before purchasing one of these units!

Drink trays that can be fastened to the side of a spa are available, along with drink trays that are weighed down with sand or water and sit on the spa's floor. Larger floating trays that accommodate many drinks are a great way to serve party refreshments.

Water proof playing cards are another option to consider when looking to add fun and excitement to your hot tub atmosphere. These accessories are practical and fun for everyone to enjoy.

If you are looking for hot tub accessories to add to your hot tub or spa they can be easily found on-line by clicking the above listed links!

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