Build Your Own Hot Tub

Adding Elegance and Sophistication to Your Hot Tub Setting

Hot tub luxury is available to more and more tub owners. Whether you want to make a large investment, like a deck or enclosure, or cheaper additions like candles or fragrances, there are a variety of luxury items that will enhance your hot tub experience.

Hot tub decks are an important design element when investing in an outdoor tub. Whether you want a custom built deck with seats and a pergola or a pre-fabricated deck or patio, a deck will add to the look and feel of your hot tub.

Hot tub enclosures are another great design feature. They protect bathers from the sun and rain, while offering privacy from neighbors. Purchasing a hot tub enclosure will not only provide bathers with protection from poor weather conditions, it will also lengthen the life of your hot tub. The enclosure will protect your hot tub from wear and tear due to rain, snow, wind and other harsh weather conditions.

Hot tub spa comfort accessories will increase your enjoyment and enhance the atmosphere of your hot tub and home spa. Whether it's a spa pillow, playing cards or candles, spa accessories can make a big impact on a small budget. For those of you who can't afford some of the larger investments, these accessories will provide excitement in your hot tub setting.

Spa fragrances and aromatherapy will further your hot tub relaxation. Whether it is the sweet scent of fruits and flowers or the smell of fresh air, let aromatherapy enhance your experience - spa style!

Hot tub lighting lends a certain ambience to spas. Whether you choose flashing neon lights for a party effect or neutral colors for safety reasons, spa lighting can set any mood you desire.

Today's spas offer entertainment options that are truly cutting edge. CD and DVD players and flat screen televisions can now be built into new spas or installed in already existing units. You can even enjoy watching TV or listening to music through surround sound speakers.

Whatever you decide, choose wisely. Most of these purchases are not cheap and will add a considerable amount to the overall price of your hot tub or spa.

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