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Accessorizing Your Hot Tub or Home Spa

There are a number of ways to make your hot tub or spa truly unique. It is important to personalize your unit and make your hot tub stand out from all others. Novelty signs of every color and shape are a favorite accessory for home spas and hot tubs. Classic signs about skinny-dipping rules and spa-related jokes can help lighten the atmosphere. Many hot tub and spa owners collect these types of signs and place them by the hot tub or hot tub deck .

Spa Trays and Side Tables usually affix or connect to a hot tub or spa's side, wall, pole, or stairs and provide a flat surface to place food, towels or reading material. These are convenient and allow you to eat and drink in the hot tub, read or possibly even work (as long as you're careful). The price of these items depends on the material and make; however some can be purchased for as little as $15.

Water Pumps can aid in bailing out home spas or hot tubs as needed. These assist more in the operation of the hot tub than in the esthetics or convenience of the tub. In order to ensure your hot tub or home spa operates effectively at all times, you should have a pump on hand in case you need it.

Oil Absorbers can reduce the amount of time you need to clean a hot tub or home spa. By absorbing the oil, your heated water can remain fresher longer. These are great accessories which can greatly increase the life of your hot tub or home spa.

Steps and Bars can be placed as additions to aid elderly patrons, the physically handicapped, or just to provide extra safety. Some steps are custom-made to be used for storage and flip open to allow for pool cleaning supplies, aids or even just towels. Some companies offer modular steps, or surrounding steps or bar struts that fit to the curve of your spa or hot tub. These can be fairly expensive, but it is important to consider the needs of all individuals using the tub in order to avoid injuries.

These items are not necessary in the successful functioning of your hot tub, but they can add to the convenience and allow more versatility within your hot tub experience. If you have a few extra dollars, you may want to consider these signs and aids for your home spa.

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