Hot Tub Light Parts

Creating Ambience and Healing in Your Spa

The night has fallen and it's the middle of winter. You have the cold deep inside your bones and you gaze longingly outside at your hot tub. You go outside and the snow starts to lightly fall, the jets are roaring and you turn on the hot tub lights. The falling snow picks up the color reflections and you are in a snowy heaven. Something we all need on a frosty evening, after a long day at work and the shorter daylight hours.

Summer is also a great time for hot tub light systems. It's nice to sit there in the middle of the day and watch the colors change magically from blue to green to red. The colors can create a peaceful theme, or your own underwater disco. Choose wisely when you are picking your spa's lighting colors.

Color therapy (also known as chromo therapy) can be very beneficial to your spirit and colored LED lights combined with hydrotherapy can really get you through the winter season. Different colors can enhance or invoke an emotional state or feeling. If you want to encourage a specific emotion in your hot tub users, take a look at this list of available colors for your hot tub lighting and find out what the colors mean for color therapy:

  • Red LED hot tub lights can give you energy, power, passion and are used to overcome depression. However, too much can make you agitated.
  • Orange LED spa lights also give you energy, but they can help improve your immune systems functions. Too much orange can increase anxiety.
  • Yellow LED hot tub lights are good for intellect and provide mental stimulation. However, extended exposure can cause mental exhaustion.
  • Green LED spa lights can give you balance, but can also make you jealous. Green is said to refresh the spirit and invoke compassion. Too much of a good thing can create negative energy.
  • Blue LED spa lights can create a mood of serenity, truth, sincerity and can soothe the mind. Don't use too much blue for too long though, it can make you depressed.

Hot tubs and spa lighting can help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the winter blahs. The color therapy along with increased circulation and hydrotherapy is truly a win-win situation.

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