Aqua Chem

Providing Consumers with Effective Water Treatment Products for Over 70 Years

Aqua Chem Inc. is one of the most reputable manufacturers offering a wide variety of hot tub chemicals to consumers in more than 100 countries around the world. This company strives to provide their customers with the most effective products at the most affordable prices in order to suit the needs of all their customers.

Aqua Chem was founded in 1929 by John C. Cleaver. At this time, the company was known as the John C. Cleaver Company and began as one of the most reputable hot tub manufacturers offering packaged boilers to their dedicated consumers. Today, Aqua Chem is a privately held corporation with over 1200 employees providing their services to a number of facilities throughout North America and the world.

Aqua Chem consists of seven divisions, each focused on its own individual products and goals. The seven divisions consist of Cleaver-Brooks, Water Technologies, Lincoln Manufacturing, Ganzales Manufacturing, Energy Recovery International, Industrial Combustion and Nebraska Boiler. These divisions are dedicated to providing energy and environmental solutions for water treatment and heating comfort.

Aqua Chem, along with its Water Technologies Division, are specifically focused on providing water treatment products to commercial businesses as well as the government, military and industrial sectors. This division is recognized worldwide as a leader in water treatment products and has earned a valuable reputation among a wide variety of consumers from all over the world.

The heating divisions of this company are also known around the world for their low emission, reliable products. Although not as popular as their water treatment divisions, the heating aspect of this company has also contributed to the overall success of the company. The heating comfort and water treatment divisions combined result in an unstoppable force which has obtained a high level of success over the past 70 years.

This company has a reputation of providing their customers with efficient, high quality, reliable products and services to meet the needs of a wide consumer base. Aqua Chem, and its estimated 80,000 customers, are expected to achieve continuous success for many years to come.

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