Aqua Clear

A World-Renowned Hot Tub and Spa Chemical Manufacturer

Aqua Clear Products was established in 1993 and has been providing its consumers with effective hot tub and spa chemicals for the past 12 years. Focused on providing pool and spa professionals with effective equipment and efficient products, this company strives on building a knowledge base of consumer needs and meeting those needs on a regular basis.

Aqua Clear offers a product line designed by the best manufacturers from around the world. Aqua Clear prides themselves on coexisting with the most reputable manufacturers in order to provide consumers with a wide array of options to suit all their needs. The Aqua Clear product line has grown to consist of water pumps, filters, heating and lighting. More importantly, they also offer salt chlorinators, lo-chlor chemicals and other water features.

One of their most popular chemical products is called Aquacadabra. This product is used in spas on a weekly basis in order to control harmful bacteria which may be found in the water. This is recognized as an effective alternative to chlorine and bromine and is especially successful in eliminating odor and skin irritations associated with chlorine. This product has been proven by the APVMA as a sanitizer for domestic swimming pools.

Another popular chemical-related product offered by Aqua Clear is known as Hurclon's VX salt chlorinators. Known as an effective alternative to liquid or granular chlorine, Hurclon's VX is successful in eliminating issues such as sore eyes, itchy skin and poor odor, often associated with swimming pools and spas. This product allows users to enjoy their luxury units without having to worry about difficulties which are often linked to poor water quality.

Aqua Clear offers a number of products which are effective in improving the water quality in your pool or spa. The cost of their products will vary and the amount of money you will need to spend will depend on the type of product you are looking to purchase. If you are looking to purchase hot tub chemicals, Aqua Clear is a reputable company which is sure to meet your needs.

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