Aristech Acrylics

Perfect for Hot Tubs & Home Spas "Quarite: The Texture & Feel of Granite"

Aristech Acrylics LLC was founded during the Second World War by David Swedlow. This company specializes in the design and manufacturing of acrylic sheeting used in many consumer and industrial products. Ever interested in product innovation, Aristech branched out and started developing products for the consumer bath ware industry.

Aristech Acrylics manufactures a full line of continuous cast acrylic, in a varying array of colors and textures. They have a patent on a material called Quarite which is ideally used in hot tubs and home spas. Quarite has the texture and feel of granite, which is wonderful for the outdoor spa. Aristech Acrylics boasts that their high gloss finish material is perfect for use in hot tubs as it is easy to clean, colorfast, chemical and stain resistant and has high heat retention.

Aristech Acrylics offers a number of colors for its hot tubs and home spas including: Summer Sapphire, Mystic Emerald, Caribbean Blue, Bluegrass , Tahoe, Ponderosa Pine, Shenandoah, Azure Metalescent, Oceanwave, Seamist, Midnight Opal, Kalahari and Dakota – a color for every customer. You may already be familiar with the continuous cast acrylic shells made by Aristech Acrylics; they are the acrylic sheeting suppliers for many tub and spa manufacturers, including Aber Hot Tubs, Caldera Spas , and Leisure Bay .

This company is a leader of the Hot Tub Council of The National Spa and Pool Institute, which directs the public relations initiatives for various industry interests. The aim of the council is to raise awareness about the benefits of hot tubs for consumers. A recent study released by the National Spa & Pool Institute estimates 387,000 hot tubs were sold by U.S. and Canadian hot tub manufacturers in 2003. That number is slightly ahead of 2002, in which the NSPI estimates 375,000 units were sold.

Aristech Acrylics has also been instrumental in the creation of a new industry marketing initiative centered on an informative website called This site is an excellent resource for industry professionals, building contractors and anyone interested in the ideas and technology behind the hot tub industry.

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