Offering a Wide Selection of Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals to Consumers Worldwide

Baquacil is a world renowned spa chemical manufacturing company dedicated to providing customers with the most efficient and reliable water cleaning products on today's market. This company is focused on providing consumers with high-quality, chlorine-free products to assist in pool and spa care maintenance. Baquacil recognizes the important role consumers play in the success of a company and are focused on meeting the needs of all types of consumer budgets.

The Baquacil product family is manufactured and marketed by the Water Products Business of Arch Chemicals Inc. This product line consists of a wide variety of products designed to make pool and hot tub maintenance easier for spa owners. This company has divided their products into two categories consisting of core products and support products.

Some of the products included in the core product line consist of hot tub sanitizers, shocks, oxidizers and algaecides. Combined, these chemicals offer consumers with a complete list of requirements for successful spa maintenance. This company also offers a wide variety of test strips, easy start kits and winterizing kits. There are complete packages which will make the maintenance process much easier. If you are interested in enhancing your spa and hot tub water further, you may want to consider some of their support products as well.

In addition to the core product line, Baquacil also offers a number of products which form their support product line. Some of the products included in this category are chlorine neutralizers, metal controls, filter cleaners, sand filter cleaners, water clarifiers, foam dispersers and surface cleaners. Each product is designed to perform a specific purpose will which ultimately contribute to the overall success of your hot tub or spa.

Using a combination of products from Baquacil's core and support product lines will ensure your hot tub, pool or spa is as clean and healthy as possible. The cost of Baquacil products will depend on the specific type of product you are looking to purchase. Everything you need for complete pool and spa maintenance can be found within this company. Their products are available through a nationwide network of distributors and authorized dealers.

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