The Nation's Premier Supplier of Hot Tub and Home Spa Chemicals

BioGuard was established almost four decades ago and has evolved into one of the world's best pool, hot tub and spa chemical manufacturing companies in the world. This company prides themselves on being one of the nation's premier suppliers of spa, pool and hot tub accessories. Dedicated to providing their customers with reliable and efficient products, BioGuard continues to develop new technologies in order to evolve with the ever-changing needs of consumers.

BioGuard is a company which not only provides products to their customers but also provides extensive programs to make the maintenance routine even easier. Some of the most popular programs offered by this company are their 3-step programs, which provide instructions, steps and routines to follow in order to ensure maintenance success. They also provide two other maintenance programs for swimming pools which include the SoftSwim pool care program and the Mineral Springs pool care program.

Some of the pool and spa care products offered by this company include algae products, balancers, cleaners, oxidizers, water sanitizers and water enhancers. Combined, these products provide everything you need to maintain your hot tub or spa. BioGuard's algae products are used to kill, control and prevent algae from growing in your water. The balancers are used to adjust pH, metals, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. The cleaners are used to keep pool, hot tub and spa surface covers and filters clean. Oxidizers will provide your water with an attractive sparkle and clean appearance and water enhancers are used to clear cloudy water.

BioGuard dealers are highly trained pool and spa care professionals who are dedicated to their work. This company consists of a network of nearly 1,500 BioGuard retailers located in a number of countries around the world. These professionals are trained and educated in order to provide consumers with the best advice when it comes to hot tub and spa chemicals and products.

If you are looking to purchase reliable and efficient chemicals for your hot tub, pool or spa, BioGuard is a company worth looking into. Their affordable and effective products are an indication of their willingness to meet the needs of all consumers.

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