Caldera Spa

A Warranty Unparalleled in the Hot Tub Industry

Caldera Hot Tubs has remained one of the most trusted spa and hot tub brands in the world. They have been committed to manufacturing quality products since their founding in 1976. Caldera is a part of Watkins manufacturing, the industries leading producer of quality spas and hot tubs.

As with all respectable spa manufacturers, Caldera has an extensive array of products to choose from. Caldera Spas are the first choice for many consumers, due to the quality and craftsmanship used in the design and manufacture of their products. Caldera offers a number of product designs that are sure to meet your needs.

The Geneva model is by far their most popular. It boasts a seating capacity of 6, including ingenious seating designs like The EcstaSeat, The Ultra Massage Seat, and The LumbarSsauge Seat. There are 47 massage jets, 10 air jets and 2 jet pumps in this amazing tub. It also comes with The Advent Control System to control the jets and temperature. The Monarch CD ozone system, The SpaGlow Lighting System and the insulating cover come standard with this amazing spa.

The Aquatic Melodies Surround Sound System is a wonderful addition to these amazing hot tubs. It consists of pop-up speakers that can be directed towards any area of the pool. These speakers are located along the sides of the tub, which allows for a more pleasant listening experience. A powerful subwoofer, and a marine grade CD/AM/FM receiver make this system a must have for any hot tub party.

All Caldera tubs come in a variety of colors including white sands, blue stone, white pearl, silver pearl, champagne opal and sea mist opal. The hot tubs also come in your choice of textured granite-like or premium, smooth surfaces.

Caldera Hot Tubs has seemingly countless accessories available for your hot tub. Their inventory of fine products includes Spa Steps, Storage Steps, Replacement Pillows, Spa Side Umbrellas, Spa Cover Stands, Spa Towel Trees and Spa Side Handrails.

Caldera Hot Tubs offers an extensive warranty package that is bound to impress any consumer: 10 years against shell leaks, 7 years against shell surface wear, 5 years against plumbing leaks, 5 years against equipment and control problems and 5 years against heater malfunction. This is a thorough and comprehensive warranty and it is unparalleled in the industry.

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