Catalina Spa

Where Innovation is the Cornerstone of Hot Tub Design

If you are prepared for the ultimate hot tub experience, you had better check out Catalina Spas. They are based out of California and have over 50 years experience in manufacturing. Catalina Spas believe that customer satisfaction can only be achieved by combining state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with the ultimate design for comfort and performance. Catalina Spas have designed some incredible spas in the past and they continue to make innovation the cornerstone of their design initiatives.

The new Omega model is one such example of Catalina Spa's ability to think outside the tub! They have somehow managed to incorporate a 42-inch plasma television, DVD player, and CD/AM/FM stereo into this phenomenal hot tub. The hot tub stereo system is comprised of two pop-up speakers, and the components are controlled by a Balboa Dolphin floating remote control. And this is just the beginning.

The tub is 92" x 92" x 42", seats 5 people and holds approximately 420 gallons of water. It comes with 3 water pumps, 1 air blower and a massive collection of 74 jets. It is available in a number of colors including Dark Twilight, Bluegrass, Caribbean Blue and Desert Sand. It also comes standard with an aromatherapy kit. As with other Catalina Spas, you have the option of adding a waterfall or some fiber optic lighting. They also have vibrating pillows, a misting system and many other options to choose from.

Catalina Spas are designed for use either indoors or outdoors. If you are considering one for the backyard, why not consider adding a gazebo? Catalina Spas offers a rather large selection of gazebo designs and there is sure to be one to your liking. They have even incorporated a walk-up bar into their newest gazebo design. There is nothing quite like sitting in your hot tub covered by a gazebo and having a drink, while you watch the game.

Catalina Spas offers an extensive warranty program, which is sure to please even the most jaded consumer. They spend countless hours on research and development, in order to bring you a top quality product. Each hot tub undergoes rigorous testing and complies with or exceeds the safety standards of most every state.

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