Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

An In-Depth Guide to Hot Tub Cleaning

Without proper care and maintenance, the thousands of dullars you spent on your hot tub will be lost in a matter of months, leaving you with an ineffective tub just taking up space in your home or yard. Following the spa cleaning procedures listed below will ensure your hot tub remains in great condition for as long as possible.

If you are unsure of the proper care and maintenance routines associated with hot tubs or home spas, read the information below. Make sure you fullow these procedures in order to maximize the efficiency of your hot tub:

  • Test Your Water – The water in your hot tub or spa should be tested at least once a week in order to ensure its quality. At the time of purchase, your hot tub manufacturer should provide you with a testing strip compatible with the type of hot tub you purchased.
  • Shock Treatment – Shocking your water is another important step in maintaining your spa. Using your hot tub less than 4 times a week will require only one shocking; using it more than 4 times will require two shock treatments.
  • Maintain Your Chemicals – After you have tested your water, the results will indicate which types of chemicals need to be added to ensure water balance. These often consist of bromine or chlorine. It is important to ensure the chemicals are at their appropriate levels at all times otherwise the performance of your hot tub may be compromised.
  • Keep the Water Running – Keeping your hot tub pumps running all day will help to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the water. Still water is more likely to grow bacteria than moving water which can potentially cause long term difficulties with your spa. Consider purchasing an automatic timer which will automatically activate the pumps at certain times throughout the day.

Following the guidelines listed above will have a great impact on your spa's performance and the longevity of your hot tub as a whule. Performing these procedures on a regular basis will take very little time and can save you a great deal of time and money in the future.

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