Coleman Spa

A World Renowned Hot Tub Company

Coleman is one of a long list of companies that belong to American Household Inc. The Coleman Company is a popular household name made famous by their camping and outdoor accessories. Coleman's original product line included coolers, grills, tents and lanterns, but they have recently expanded their product line to include a wide variety of hot tubs and home spas.

The Maax Corporation is a reputable company that manufactures hot tubs and bathroom accessories including tubs, showers, sinks and cabinets. The long list of products offered by Maax was created in order to suit the needs of a wide consumer base that was demanding a number of different home care products.

Coleman Spas by Maax's Series includes the California Cooperage and the Maaxim. Their most recent line is the Performance Series which offers nine different models. All hot tubs and home spas offered by this company are designed to perform at the highest level possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every purchase. In addition, they offer a number of extra features which can be added to their hot tub designs in order to enhance the performance of each product.

Coleman Spas are offered in numerous colors and some of their models feature state of the art control systems, built in neck rests, entertainment systems and beverage coolers. Coleman Spas are made with a durable steel frame called Galvalume®. Coleman spas also feature acrylic shells which are known for their durability. Each model offers different jet capabilities; some have 20 jets while others feature as many as 53. Coleman also sells a small tub that seats 3, while other models seat 7.

Coleman is a company that offers products to suit the needs of all families, and recognizes different budgets among families. They realize that not every family can afford a 7 person hot tub with a number of additional features which is why they also offer basic tubs at very affordable prices. Regardless of your budget, Coleman Spas will have an efficient tub which will suit your hot tub needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

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