General Contractor

Important Issues to Address before Hiring a Spa Contractor

Before you hire a contractor to install or maintain your hot tub or spa, it is important to ask as many questions and retrieve as much information about the contractor and the company as you can before you hire. The more information you can get, the better your chances of choosing a contractor who will do the job right. In order to help you choose a legitimate, reliable contractor, we have compiled a checklist to use when looking for a contractor. This is by no means a legal document, but it will help you later if there is an issue.

Print this checklist before you begin the hiring process for a spa contractor:

Name of Company:

Name of Individual Contractor:

Full Description of Work to be Completed:

Previous Training:

Start Date:

End Date:

Contractor is Licensed: Y/N

State Licensing Number:

Permits or Building Codes to be Obtained:

Details of Payment:

Contractor Takes Responsibility for Any Injuries on the Job: Y/N

No Change in Plans will be conducted Without Owner's Permission: Y/N

Contractors Warranty and/or Guarantee:

Contractors Signature:

Additional Information:

Always make sure you have a signed contract outlining the work to be completed and detailing all expectations before you hire a contractor. Read all documents carefully, especially the fine print, before you sign any papers or agreements. In addition, if the contractor refuses to meet any of your needs or answer any of your questions, it is best to keep looking until you find a contractor who does.

Receiving the contractor's answer and signature regarding questions or details will ensure they are responsible for meeting your expectations without any limitations. If you are at all concerned about the company or the contractor, do not hesitate to ask questions or see proof of answers.

A contractor who is not licensed or is unsure of what they are doing can potentially cost you a lot of money in repairs if certain documents are not signed beforehand. Never allow a contractor to begin work without a signed agreement outlining your expectations of the job. Once they have signed the agreement, they can begin working and you can stop worrying. It is their job to complete the task and you are no longer responsible for things which may go wrong. They are responsible for fixing any problems before you have to pay - as long as you make sure it states so in the contract or agreement.

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