Emerald Spa

Intensive Neck Therapy Massage in a Hot Tub

The Emerald Spa Corporation is based out of Kentwood, Michigan. Emerald Spas have been synonymous with quality and thoughtful engineering for many years. Emerald Spas was the first hot tub manufacturer to put extensive research into ergonomic seat design. Back when most other companies were installing simple bench seating in their hot tubs, the Emerald Spa Corporation was doing research and development on ergonomic seating. Emerald Spas hired a number of furniture designers as consultants and proceeded to develop their scientifically contoured seats.

Their tubs are created with top quality materials, and with the end user in mind. They have put careful effort into making the components of the tub smaller, so you end up with more useable room. Their spa filtration and power systems are a testament to that. Their patented spa filtration system is built directly into the coping of the tub, and their high tech power systems use solid state components to ensure that you will be able to use your tub for many years to come.

The new Vantage spa is sure to meet your needs. This hot tub is designed for use by 5 adults, and has a water capacity of 400 gallons. It has a total of 78 jets including 58 water therapy jets, 20 air therapy jets, and an air bubbler. This spa also includes something called Intensive Neck Therapy, which uses specially outfitted jets to provide a relaxing massage.

There are a number of optional upgrades available for your Emerald Spa. The HydroVibe sound system is a wonderful addition to any hot tub. Emerald Spas’ system is powered by four unseen transducers that provide an excellent surround sound experience. You can actually feel the sound vibrations in the tub! The CD/FM/AM stereo system is manufactured by Kenwood. It is surrounded with protective Mylar and uses specially insulated marine-quality wiring.

The cabinetry that is used with these hot tubs is unparalleled in quality. They are constructed using red cedar, which is then coated with a stain and sealant to protect it from the harsh weather and ultraviolet light. Emerald Spa Corporation is well known in the industry for the beauty and quality of their cabinets.

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